Bots are your actors for the OreSome corporation, controlled by left clicking on the one you desire, then flying with the direction controls (and Lateral Thrusters, if the upgrade is acquired). Check ‘Options’ for key bindings. Some can dock with planets, all can dock with hardpoints on your frame based structures, just but flying into them. The brake key slows them down and undocks them from planets. They are bought by dragging them from the bottom right buy menu into a valid build location (denoted by a light blue circle). Most have an active ability and all are described below.

Builder Bot – Main bot. Lose this and lose the game in a fiery explosion. Of death. Allows construction in a sphere around it. Has a number of abilities that can be bought from the buy menu, along with a mining drill that can be fired with the active ability key. While loosed, it can be steered with the direction keys to gather ore. And you’d better, damnit! There’s bills to pay – and they’re not paying themselves. Not until we get that Biller Bot working, and the legals had something to say about that on the last attempt.

Boomer Bot – You’ll find a steady supply of Boomer Bots to be invaluable in protecting your assets. Not to them of course, they’ll be too busy exploding on a hair trigger. We hear they’re thinking of unionising. Poor working conditions and all that. Clearly, the only way to solve that is it nip it in the bud – with more explosions! Use the Destructium upgrade to add red ore and increase the mine’s explosion radius – and set them off when they get uppity with the active ability key. Attaching to your own frames is possible, but ill advised.
Binder Bot – Binders are known for their close knit community, they’re hard to know, but when you do, they’ll never let go. Unless they’re destroyed, of course. Fasten Binders to other bots by fueling them up with blue Linkam ore and right clicking on a target bot while the Binder is selected. With the Celestial Binding upgrade in hand, right click on suns to attach to them too – and steal their power for your own nefarious purposes (Legal Department: Please stop writing this on memos, it makes our life very hard). Right clicking on the Binder itself changes modes – Wall Mode rebounds anything that touches the binding and Trigger Mode will fire of a pulse of power to any attached frames. Traps and contraptions very much encouraged. Hold active ability for Electro-Pull – zap anything along the bind path and generate Linkam while the bind changes in size.
Booster Bot – The mainstay Booster Bot is your go to drone whenever you need a scout, or an engine to push something around. Equally at home docked to frame hardpoints or to planets, they’ll work many times harder when they are. Research has been trying to find out why they’re so comparatively lazy when unattached. Whips were suggested for motivation, but they haven’t yet caught on, so until they do, just enjoy their advanced speed and thrust, especially with the afterburner upgrade, which in no way should ever be used as a flamethrower. Happy now, legal? (Legal Department: Yes. )
Breaker Bot – Breakers’ll take apart anything, ore, other bots, each other if they’re looked at funny. With the right upgrades, they’ll even do the good stuff automatically. Cheap and cheerful, their drills are the most cost effective destructive force known to the company. If there’s one thing the company can do well, it’s cost effective. Active ability key to use that drill – just remember to steer clear of populated worlds!
Blaster Bot – Developed for the use of breaking up asteroids for ore, and definitely not for shining at OreQward’s Cat Labour Quarry during break time. I swear I can hear that place from here, and there’s not even any sound in space! Anyway, these bots will target hostile forces automatically when docked with planet or hardpoint. With Superlaser upgrade and green Energite ore to fuel, they can be fired at anything they’re pointed at. Trouble with the neighbours? This bot will be your best friend.
Barrier Bot – Apparently, despite their shielded nature, Barrier Bots have a friendly, warm demeanour. That may be due to their overcooked power cells though, so perhaps hold off on the hugs. Power with blue Linkam for increased bubble shield radius and add a dash of green Energite for strength. Hold that active ability to raise and lower shields – you won’t be firing out while they’re up and shooting your own defences is always embarrassing – and the company has a strict death for embarrassment policy (Legal Department: I honestly don’t know where he’s getting this from. Oh, Form 741B, of course. Don’t mind us. ). With the Overcharge upgrade hold that ability key for a mite longer and that shield turns green and deadly to anything it touches. Careful with it, people have lost fingers.
Buffer Bot – A hard-working little bot, but fragile, this healer’s always on the job. Deploy a few of these and the damage will just roll off like it was never there. Stir in a pinch of pink Thinkon and cyan Constructa ore and you’ll have a roving ability booster – just remember it’ll affect other corporation bots too. Fraternisation between companies is strictly frowned upon – and bots are no exception!

Brainer Bot – Brainers are so close to knowing your next move before you do, that frankly we are expecting to replace all employees with them, just as soon as we can teach them how to work a stapler. The lack of hands has so far proved problematic. Not only can they research the remains of biological entities to improve our tech, like the Builder, but they can also dock to control hardpoints like them too – no more risking life and robotic limb for every task! Their active ability is to confer that brainpower on a single other bot – hold the Braining Beam over the target for a moment and it will fight for you without input – even if it used to be another corporations. Not that we would ever advocate stealing. Ahem.
Blower Bot – These guys are just full of hot air. Never hook up a translator to them, they’ll have your ear off. Similarly, avoid triggering their orange Repulside ore powered active ability to nearby, or you’ll find your ear located in a nearby sun! Speaking of which, the boffins have worked out an upgrade that’ll boost the blowing power when the bot’s near a sun – Star Synergy, if you can afford it. They’ll automatically try and blow away threats if deployed in a hardpoint. Get moving those planets pronto, they aren’t going to shift themselves!
Bonder Bot – Tug boats to the stars, or at least frames, just nudge up against any part of a frame and it’ll join up, for easy rotation. Upgrades include Sink Hole, which pulls in local objects with moderate power and more importantly, Grav Launchers. Spend some of that hard earned purple Gravium, and hold that active ability button. When the missile’s where you want it, release that key for doom! I’ve given up trying to find justification for these things, doom is just fun! DOOOOOOM!
Bridger Bot – The lab boys labeled this file ‘EXPERIMENTAL – DO NOT TOUCH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. WE MEAN IT – UNDER PAIN OF LEOPARD’, but we at OreSome are nothing if not conscientious readers, and dutifully opened it. The Bridger uses unstable white Portalstone to teleport bots and disconnected frames. Right click on another Bridger with one selected to set up a link, right click on itself to disconnect. Active ability randomly teleports free bots and frames within a large radius elsewhere in the universe and destroys whatever cannot be transported. Use at your own risk!


Frames are structures that can be clipped together to form ships and bases using hardpoints. Hardpoint status can be determined by their colour – blue is active and will connect to any bot or other hardpoint they touch. Left clicking on a connected point will disconnect it. Right clicking welds the hardpoint and turns it green for a more rigid structure. Purple points are found only on Powered Launchers and fire off anything connected when power is applied. Yellow points are specialised and will only dock with a single bot type. When the bot’s active ability is triggered, the frame is triggered instead. Some frames can produce power and some require it. Connected frames transfer power through their hardpoints. Any bot in a powered hardpoint will use its active ability constantly.
Connect Frames – Simple pieces used to give your creations shape. We wanted to put guns on them, but the technicians said giant space debris was dangerous enough without adding any firepower. Comes in I, X, T, L and Y shaped varieties and will connect to any standard hardpoint or bot system.
Solar Frame – Let there be light! There had better be, or the expense in developing these was all for nothing! Park one next to a sun (but not too close, that tends to burn) and it will happily generate both power and more importantly lovely green Energite ore. Just make sure it’s got somewhere to put it, or it’ll go to waste!
Anchor Frame – Developed in response to the whole falling into a sun problem, the Anchor Frame is some heavy stuff. Literally. Turn the power on and moving it will be more difficult than winkling out executives from the champagne pool. Rated for explosions and more, it won’t let you down – unless it does, in which don’t come crying to me.
Power Frame – Igor, throw the switch! If not Igor, disregard. Right click on this frame to power any connected frames. A second right click turns the power to pulse mode, for a repeating burst of power. Powered hardpoints will become visibly electrified, any bots in them with activate and any power-able frames will too. A third click turns it off.
Insulator Frame – The opposite of a power frame, when right clicked on, it will block power transmission across it. Click again to pulse mode and it will block intermittently. A third click allows the power to flow again. I can’t imagine why anyone would want less power, but… well, they’ve built it now. Have at it, I guess.
Hopper Frame – Standardised ore storage units, protect these with your life! And your children’s if need be! Ore is worth more than you! Now that’s clear, you can transfer ore to and from a connected hopper (or planetoid, or such) using the top right Ore Panel. Up arrows transfer to your selected bot, down out to storage.
Nuke Frame – It has been suggested to me by our legal eagles that our red Destructium generating Nuke Frames should come with an explosive warning, so here it is. Those eagles peck hard – something that genetics department tells me will be bred out in the next generation. Nuke Frames will detonate when destroyed and produce ore when powered.
Siphon Frame – This frame sucks. No, really, it does. Any ore stored in a bot nearby will be transported from the bot to storage connected to the Siphon frame. This can be used legally or… larcenously. It will work on any bot, owned by you or not. Remember that. Paired with the Breaker bot auto-mine upgrade, the Siphon can be used to set up automatic mining and storage – right click the Breaker to put it into auto-mine mode and it will fill up on local ore then return to its starting point.
Recycler – While we’re generally against recycling on principle, this particular form supplies us with green Energite ore, so it’s forgiveable. Power the frame and it will break down any frames or bots within range to create ore. Careful though, it doesn’t distinguish between friend or foe – though this does supply possibilities…
Grav Frame – One for all you speed freaks out there, when powered anything in range of the orange strip will be boosted and those in range of the purple will be slowed. The boffins explained how this worked, but I got a headache. I think it was to do with sharks. Black holes may have been mentioned also, I got distracted. Speaking of which, put it between two black holes while powered, and it’ll generate purple Gravium and orange Repulside ore. Excellent.
Path Beacon – How do you know you’re on the right path? With an OreSome Corporation Navigatory Waypoint Pathfinding Pathing Beacon, that’s how! Don’t believe the rumours that they lead people into nests of space vipers. Bring two powered Beacons together and they will pair. These can be chained to make winding paths. Right click on a Beacon and your currently selected bot will automatically pilot their way to it and to any more Beacons in the path.
Build Zone – Ever find yourself out of town and remember you wanted to build that nice frame when you were there? Well, do we have the solution for you lazy people. Construction Zones, when powered, will heal all frames within their considerable range and allow any buildable items to be dropped nearby too. Lovely, more stuff. Happy now?
Detector Frame – There’s been some complaints that employees that spend too much time around the detector dishes begin picking up TV shows from 1964 with their brains. This is nothing to be alarmed about. The Detector Frame will power connected frames when objects pass through its beams. Right click and it will detect only enemies, right click again and only allies will be picked up. Also, ignore the microphones and cameras. They’re really nothing to do with you, or your upcoming performance review.
No-Spawn Zone – Pesky critters bothering you? Ravenous mole-beasts spoiling your space-lawn? That’s why we’ve built the Anti-Spawn Zone. When powered, no troublesome teleporting foes will arrive within its radius. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me – that and the pretty light show it makes.
Power Switch – Surely I don’t have to explain how a switch works? Well, perhaps to the androids among you I might – I hear they were walking into walls all of last Tuesday. Anyway, right click to power one prong, right click again to power the other. A final click switches it off again. Simple, right?
AI Zone – In the next step towards replacing you all with androids, we introduce the AI Zone. Apply power to this frame, and all bots within its radius will gain basic combat intelligence. The paperwork was this was quite hard to come by, but strangely, they seemed quite happy to hear that OreSome’s employees would no longer be in control…
Power Launcher – As is self evident, this frame launches items connected to its purple hardpoint when powered. That’s all that needs to be said, right? No? Well if you want more, just think of the uses – detach frame sections, move robotic arms, launch fighters… come on, coming up with this is your job!

    Super Frames

The second set of frames are capable of docking the larger bots, the Builder and Brainer, or have specialised hardpoints that accept a single bot type. These tend have greater abilities than the previous standard frame and are accordingly larger and more costly.
Command Frame – Need some more authority. I understand – you new guys rarely seem to do what the manual says. Yet fear not, the Command Frame will let you keep the unruly bots in line. Dock a Builder or Brainer into the command hardpoint, and all your movement commands will be transmitted to any connected frames and bots. You’ll be piloting massive ships in no time. Assuming you read this properly this time.
Freighter Frame – An upgrade from the standard Command Frame, the Freighter can contain a large quantity of ore. If I have to explain why that’s good, we’re going to have a problem! No employee survives long at this company with that kind of attitude, so get out there and bring in that wonderful ore!
Battle Frame – The much, much better brother of the Command Frame, with more armour, more hardpoints, and most importantly, guns asteroid deterrent laser-based devices. They’ll auto target threats when you’ve docked with the frame. No ore storage here, but we think the other benefits will more than compensate.
Bombard Frame – One of our most powerful projects, and the first Legal refused to even talk to us about, the Bombard alternates between heavy duty mining lasers and seeker rockets. Controlled by a Blaster Bot in the yellow hardpoint, with Energite Ore it’ll be good to go and whatever you point it at won’t be.
Force Ram – Originally built for breaking up bots at space parties (they tend to get overly excited when it gets past midnight), this frame took on new life when it was realised how much damage it did to shields – i.e. lots. Command with a barrier bot and while active it will bring down shields in an instant, as well as damaging anything its path to a moderate degree.
Capture Claw – The project of a Doctor, known for his self naming of his experiments and his affinity with cats, the Capture Claw is the most complicated frame we have available. Able to grab and hold planets and stars within its closed embrace, bound close enough to bring them through a jump, the arms are controlled by a Binder bot in the controlling hardpoint. Holding the active ability key then pressing one of the six direction keys moves the claw arms. Either arm can be moved individually in either direction, or both together in this fashion. Holding the active ability alone for a period undoes the claw. Pulsars and Quasars caught in it generate cyan and pink ore respectively.
Planetary Engine – The workhorse of our large frame offerings, the Planetary Engine is, as its name suggests, capable of moving massive bodies with only a little yellow Massiate ore and a controlling Booster bot to work it. Speed along at your leisure. Just be careful with the steering – just because it could move stars doesn’t mean it’ll survive smacking into one.
Mining Frame – It’s a little odd not having any legal difficulties to describe. This frame actually is purely for mining, gathering ore and the like. Though, those massive drills… (Legal Department: Stop it. We’re warning you.) In any case, touch it to a planet when active to mine. Control with a Breaker bot – you know the drill. Haha.
Overloader – Thunder! Lightning! Unlucky fried rodents! Paired with a Buffer bot controller, this frame will do it all. Not only will it power like a regular power frame, but when the Buffer uses its active ability, all attached frames will be repaired and their hardpoints will become overloaded, blasting nearby enemies with lightning. Zap zap zap.
Catapult Frame – It took a long time to ferret out where the funds for this were going, and it wasn’t to ferrets, I can tell you that. It was cats. Apparently the inventor had a grudge. After we prevented him from launching a giant bag of cats into a sun, we found his Catapult frame was actually great for launching other things. Like everything. Use a Blower bot and hold the active ability key to draw back the catapult bolt then fire away.
Tractor Frame – If you’re thinking farmer, just steer right away from that thought. We’ve had trouble with their sort when we had to bulldoze their hydroponics stations to make way for… well, the planning office never did get back to me on what exactly for, but I’m sure it was important. Anyway, attach a Bonder bot to this frame, hold the active ability key to hold objects with a tractor beam. Pressing forward and back moves the objects with predictable results. Careful not to smash too many things into other things.
Carrier Frame – Bot commanders were becoming frustrated with bots wandering off and hoarding ore all to themselves, so we created this, the Bot Prison Carrier Frame. Right clicking on it docks the selected bot when it’s close enough. Left clicking on the Carrier or applying power to it launches the bots within, which will attack automatically. They won’t target the nearest gherkin and that has never happened. And never will.
DataBrain – This thing’s smarter than your average bear, even the cybernetic ursuloids we’re teaching relativity. They may be able to handle high level physics, but the salmon bill is tremendous. Which is why we have DataBrains. Dock a Builder or Brainer bot and you’ll have access to the latest in control systems. Right click in the control radius to turn the entire connected frame and outside to move the frame to that location. Not only that, but frames with a DataBrain will defend themselves automatically.
Explosive Wall – One day, we were looking at those boring old regular walls and got to thinking; you know what would improve them? High explosive ore jets. You’ll need a good store if you want to keep up the blasting, but in the event you’re low on ore (and, obviously, soon to be fired), the walls will resist physical assault if powered. Keep those stores up and control the frame with a Boomer bot and you’ll be holding off the hordes with ease. If not, well, firing has already be mentioned once, you know.
Jump Drive – The OreSome Corp Awesome Rabbity Long Hop Jump Drive is a new addition to our experimental product range. Powered by an entire sun connected by Capture Claw or Binder bot and fuelled by masses of ore, the drive will take you anywhere you want to go, if you can pay the price. Select a commanding bot and bring up the world map screen, then right click on a visible sector to begin the jump. Each Jump Drive can bring ten frames along with it through a jump – larger frame structures require more drives. Don’t tear any holes in reality now!
Invuln-Engine – The OreSome Corp Awesome Immoveable Object Invuln-Engine is our greatest defensive structure yet – far better than the Anti-Acid Rain Umbrella, and that sold like it was on fire. Never mind that many were when they were used, that won’t happen this time. Every attached frame will be rendered invincible while the Invuln-Engine is power, has a cyan pulsar and pink quasar to provide juice, as well as a steady supply of pink Thinkon and cyan Constructa ore for fuel.
Gravity Cannon – The OreSome Corp Awesome Infinite Blastyness Black-hole Gravity Cannon is the ultimate in power. Built because we can, nothing will survive the might of its beam. Even stars will be reduced to black-holes if hit. Power it, attach two black-holes and fuel with purple Gravium and orange Repulside, then just watch as it charges towards obliteration.


F1 – Turns on/off dev mode. Allows other cheats, shows FPS and current X/Y position.
F2 – Shows physics debug info.
F3 – Gives maximum research points (campaign only).
F4 – Gives all researches (campaign only).
F5 – Turns on all message canister beacons (campaign only).
F6 – Gives ore.
F7 – Turns enemy AI off/on.
F7 – Turns player bot invulnerability on/off.


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