Survival in an Open World
Start small and grow from a single ship in a hostile, dynamically generated universe to a fleet of space stations, capital ships and super weapons. Survive through a host of quests and against four enemy factions in a bid both to explore the universe and discover its secrets.

Make planets and stars a part of your plans. Power your designs, use them for cover – or just throw them at your enemies. From Black Holes to dangerous Pulsars, you’ll need them all to win.

Frames, Bots, Hardpoints
Put together your own ship designs, with a entirely customisable system of parts, including anchors, connectors, hoppers to contain ore, giant engines, rams, cannon, tractor beams, FTL drives and more. Use bots individually as fighters, or connect them to frame hardpoints to be equip your capital ships. Plan strategically to create your best designs and find weak points in the enemy’s, for if you can destroy their command frames, the rest is yours to add on to your own!

Choose between 8 upgrade paths with around 100 research upgrades. Pick your path carefully – each upgrade will cost you more than the last. Will you focus on creating a standalone economy, or building more dangerous ships? Defense, offense or trickery? It’s up to you.


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