Dev Diary 6: Exploration

Just a general look around – thought I’d let you see the bug near the end – “Record. Bug! Stop. Fix. Sigh.”.


Dev Diary 5: Early Enemies

It’s just a brief video this time, but it gives you a look at four basic alien mobs, the Drifter, Latcher, Spiker and Bouncer (red, yellow, green and blue respectively). Killing these near your Builder Bot nets you research points in a different, colour coded category. When levels are unlocked, the corresponding coloured ore can be used to purchase research, with two items of research per level and five levels. Nothing is locked out, but the more you buy, the more expensive everything else is.

Dev Diary 4: Binder Bot

Another bot gets its own video here. It’s a utilitarian unit with a number of uses, so there’s enough material for a whole video. I mention a special ability in the video that isn’t shown – that’ll come in another video soon, showing special abilities for a number of the basic bots.

Dev Diary 3: Frames

Frames are what passes for buildings in OreSome. They can be attached together, or to bots and have a number of functions. Enemy corporations use them as does the player. Though most have no propulsion, attaching bots to use as engines and weapons can produce structures like ‘battleships’ that you can specialise as you wish. Enemy battleships may have particular sections that can be used to bring down the whole – weapons or engines can be destroyed, or explosive frames targeted for maximum effect. Late on, your frame structures may be very large, perhaps even requiring zoom out to view the whole thing. I intend that experience to be akin to building something like a Death Star, something you can travel around with, terrorising the universe. The trick is to get the resources and research for exactly what you want.

Dev Diary 2: Early Game

A few early units to show off here, as well as a few other bits and pieces. In this video, you’ll see:

Booster Bot: Scouts that in the later game are used for propulsion

Boomer Bot: AI Mines you can move into position

Breaker Bot: Mining bot that can be used for fighting in a pinch