Grand Designs

The week, we have a couple of new ship designs in the game. Graciously donated by community member sssuperguy, the can be found used by enemy corporations and as plans in the shipyard.

In addition, a number of long standing bugs and annoyances have been fixed up. The full list can be found below the images of the new ships. More bug fixes and efficiency improvements to come soon. With the tech tree complete, smoothness of gameplay is top priority.



Modular Destroyer


Added Sentinel, Modular Destroyer ships from sssuperguy
Added Improved auto mining AI
Added Slow frame auto healing
Balance Builder build range +50%
BaIance Increased builder hopper size
Balance Booster bot active ability cost -50%
Improved General efficiency
Improved Beam effects less likely to do odd ‘flashes’
Improved Buffer bot heal effect more subtle
Improved AI’s use of carrier frames
Improved Powered hardpoint effect more efficient and less distracting
Fixed Bombard frame crash on firing
Fixed Hopper frame into star crash
Fixed Gui crash bug issues
Fixed Bad planetoid loading – some sprites didn’t appear, some physics objects were loaded incorrectly
Fixed Mission beacons sometimes led nowhere
Fixed Dropping ship plans now centre on cursor

Enjoy the new ships, curious androids. Most likely there’s more where that came from.


The Portal

Short one today – the final frames (at least for the immediate future) have been added to OreSome, along with a few AI upgrades. This leaves the tech tree complete, with every research item serving a purpose. The tree may be modified in the future, but that will only be in response to necessity rather than simply to add new features. The new frames are to be used in the single player campaign to complete the game. After acquiring the technology to build the portal pieces, they must be assembled and triggered to get to the final moments of the game.

How to set up the portal is shown below, but in order to trigger the portal, you need to have one of each of the star types connected to power it – red, blue, yellow, white dwarf, pulsar, quasar and black hole. When this is done and the active ability key is pressed with a build bot in the central hardpoint, the portal is activated. It’s not overly exciting currently, but that will be improved at some point in the future.


Added Portal part frames – only accessible with cheats currently, will be used in campaign to complete game
Added ability to change planning mode key
Added AI will use Shield Ram and Mining Frame more effectively
Added Large bioform AI far less likely to ram stars
Fixed Wrong number of research points required bug
Fixed Planning mode checks research before allowing purchase
Fixed Various minor bugs

So, if you feel like it, try out those portals, curious androids!

Plans, they are coming to fruition…

So, in response to the previous news, the general gist seemed to be ‘work on blasted campaign mode and fixing everything! Maybe a bit of multiplayer on the side, I guess.’ So, that’s what’s going to occur.

There’s been a bunch of movement in that direction already, in fact. The game should be significantly more easy to play after the last few patches. Items and research are less ridiculously expensive, and a few shortcuts have been added that should help things along too.

In addition, the tech tree has had its biggest void filled, to some degree. The top pink ore tech previously did nothing, but now gives access to Planning Mode, which allows full capital ships to be bought in campaign mode, without cheating. This is only the first function of this menu, accessed by ‘Y’ key by default. Later, the plan is to add more strategic options here, including, perhaps, AI scripting or disposition changing and/or strategic ordering of ships. It’s nice to see this filled in – the only tech left (besides any that might be shuffled in later) is the portal pieces from the story mode, which will be important to complete the game. Stay tuned on that front.

The first community submitted ship has been added as a Rare spawn for all enemy corporations – it’s ‘LawnMower’ by ataaron, who gains the honour of the first key awarded.

So, the general list of ‘coming soon’ is, portal pieces, AI improvements, efficiency/bug fixes and perhaps a few more help additions (pipe up in the usual places if you have ideas on how better to help players new to the game).


Added Community submitted ship ‘LawnMower’ by ataaron
Added Early version of Planning Mode (Y key when Research bought from pink research tree). Will be expanded later, currently allows single player purchasing of whole plan designs instead of having to buy individual components.
Fixed Builder death issues
Fixed Crash involving certain planet names
Fixed Research canister save/load issues

Added Rebuy hotkey (‘F’ by default)
Added Reset shipyard button in pause menu
Fixed Options menu items going off screen in some resolutions
Fixed Ram, bombard particle effects
Fixed Star loading causing multiple invisible black holes to be spawned

Changed Allowed blaster bot to target enemies even when undocked (if unselected)
Improved Reduced ‘zone’ frame effects to be less distracting
Balance Later research cost significantly reduced
Balance Frame and bot costs significantly reduced
Balance Bot abilities consume ore more slowly
Balance Powered up Planetary Engine frame’s produced force, reduced ore cost of use
Balance Reduced spawn rate slightly of enemy mobs
Fixed Planetary Engine particle effects

Go plot and plan curious androids – it’ll make your life easier in the end!

Time! Need more time… For a contest!

News! It’s been a while, forgood reason. Multi-player programming has been eating the development time ofthe game. Thus, we come to this post. The biggest technical hurdles have been overcome, but there is a metric tonne of work to be done to bring the experimental multi-player up the same level as the standard campaign. This brings up the question – should the focus be on this, or improving the campaign and adding new things? The most likely option seems to be back to the main stuff, with a gradual improvement on the multiplayer as a side thing, but sound off in the usual places on what you guys think.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about the best way to get people engaged in the design process and have decided upon a competition. A design challenge to build a capital ship for the game’s enemies. You’ll have seen the kind of thing that’s possible in the trailers and screenshots, so go to town!

The contest will be open ended for now, but eventually a halt will be called and the winner will get something in reward – not just kudos either! Any submission that is good enough to be put in the game will be given a free key for OreSome to do with as you will. If there are a lot of good entries, something better might be possible for the top few entrants, but we’ll see what the interest is.

Entrants can use either the free Shipyard Mode or the full game’s shipyard to create their entries. Just upload them to a file sharing service and post the link on the forum


Added Suns and planet generation in multi-player – work in progress and quite buggy still (e.g. asteroids that break up spawn different things for different players)
Added Activated bots in multi-player become owned by discovering player
Improved Bot and frame hopper issues in multi-player
Improved Various minor issues and efficiency
Fixed Chat text position when zoomed

Added Loading from in game menu
Added Ore drops in multiplayer
Fixed Shipyard load fix
Fixed Sound settings requiring restart
Fixed Ore drop efficiency

Fixed IP Connect for multiplayer – should now function correctly online as long as port 14242 is forwarded correctly at server end
Fixed Crash related to blower bot firing in multiplayer

So, curious androids, go build, damn it! There’s work to be done!

Freebies are fun

This won’t be a huge news post today, as the news is on the light side. Firstly, the demo version of OreSome, Shipyard Mode has been updated to v0.9. This brings in all the graphic, efficiency and feature improvements that the Alpha version has had for a while now. Should be a nice jump for those that want to try the free version rather than the main Alpha.

Coming soon will be general improvement, along with a few specifics for the multiplayer component. Ore pickups and projectile syncing is first on the agenda, with planets, debris and stars following soon after. That should leave the experience feeling a little less bare bones once those changes are in and the stability is patched up a touch. Hopefully, this won’t be long in coming. A fractional improvement has already been added, as mentioned below.

Added Lidgren auto port forwarding, may reduce issues caused by port 14242 being closed
Fixed minimisation in multiplayer not being retrievable
Fixed various issues with IP text entry

Well, this time was brief, but with luck there will be more soon. So, see you later curious androids… but not too much later.

It LIVES! Multiplayer LIVES!

Well, as mentioned, coming soon was multiplayer. When is soon? Now! Don’t expect a miracle of a new game, this will require some tweaking before it works well. Several bugs have already been spotted and many features present in regular campaign mode are currently absent from multiplayer mode.

Also of note, previously it was mentioned the test would be LAN only – that has proved not to be the case. IP connect is available, though no server browser. You’ll need to ensure port 14242 is open to be connected to if you wish to connect over the internet. LAN connections should work using the default ‘Auto’ in the IP field. There is a dedicated server option, but it is far less tested that the Client-Server version and may not work as well. Up to four player are supported – but testing has largely taken place with 2. More may prove more buggy.

With that disclaimer out of the way, some lighter news. OreSome is now available on GamersGate as well as Desura. Hopefully more services will follow in the future – Steam Greenlight still remains one possibility.



As to the future, multiplayer will be expanded over the coming weeks, along with efficiency and bug fixing. As the game becomes more stable, new features will be brought back to the fore, including new missions and the last couple of missing research upgrades. The most important of these will be ‘Plan Mode’, which will let players drop whole ships in campaign mode if they have the resources. It may or may not contain some automation and AI options, though that is as yet undecided.

v0.50 (Version Number Jump)
Added EXPERIMENTAL MULTIPLAYER. Currently allows up to 4 players, with access to all bots and frames from the single player. The rest of the items in the game will be added over time. You’ll find that this first version is buggier than a vast bugs’ nest of giant bugs all bugging out together, but that too will change rapidly. LAN play certainly works, and internet based IP connect may work for some, depending on player’s PC and router settings. Updates should be back to being more frequent from now on.

Go forth, meet each and burn one another’s optics out with lasers, curious androids!

Welcome, Player 2… And Others

So, you may have noticed a brief break in patches – that’s for a reason – the game hasn’t been sucked into a black hole or anything. In point of fact, coming soon is the first prototype multiplayer for OreSome. It will be, to begin with, LAN only and only cover Bots and Frames – no enemies or terrain. Up to four players is the current line of thinking. This mode will grow over time to encompass the normal singleplayer game world. There may or may not be other game modes depending on ease of implementation and on demand.

The other thing you might have spotted is the new trailer – the old teasers were looking a touch dated, and this one gives a much better idea of the current state of the game.

After the basic multiplayer component goes in, most likely there will be another short round of bug fixes and efficiency improvements, before finally some new missions and content can be added. Since the last news post, there has been just one patch, detailed below.

Added Cooldown for bonder bot grav missile to prevent accidental discharge
Added Journal text for several undocumented features
Improved OreStruck sprites
Fixed Yellow tech tree journals
Fixed Refinery framerate when many refineries in use
Fixed Crash when physics body is dropped inside another physics body
Fixed Bots in active control channels correctly turn towards mouse
Fixed Rare crashes

Laters, curious androids!