The Portal

Short one today – the final frames (at least for the immediate future) have been added to OreSome, along with a few AI upgrades. This leaves the tech tree complete, with every research item serving a purpose. The tree may be modified in the future, but that will only be in response to necessity rather than simply to add new features. The new frames are to be used in the single player campaign to complete the game. After acquiring the technology to build the portal pieces, they must be assembled and triggered to get to the final moments of the game.

How to set up the portal is shown below, but in order to trigger the portal, you need to have one of each of the star types connected to power it – red, blue, yellow, white dwarf, pulsar, quasar and black hole. When this is done and the active ability key is pressed with a build bot in the central hardpoint, the portal is activated. It’s not overly exciting currently, but that will be improved at some point in the future.


Added Portal part frames – only accessible with cheats currently, will be used in campaign to complete game
Added ability to change planning mode key
Added AI will use Shield Ram and Mining Frame more effectively
Added Large bioform AI far less likely to ram stars
Fixed Wrong number of research points required bug
Fixed Planning mode checks research before allowing purchase
Fixed Various minor bugs

So, if you feel like it, try out those portals, curious androids!


Plans, they are coming to fruition…

So, in response to the previous news, the general gist seemed to be ‘work on blasted campaign mode and fixing everything! Maybe a bit of multiplayer on the side, I guess.’ So, that’s what’s going to occur.

There’s been a bunch of movement in that direction already, in fact. The game should be significantly more easy to play after the last few patches. Items and research are less ridiculously expensive, and a few shortcuts have been added that should help things along too.

In addition, the tech tree has had its biggest void filled, to some degree. The top pink ore tech previously did nothing, but now gives access to Planning Mode, which allows full capital ships to be bought in campaign mode, without cheating. This is only the first function of this menu, accessed by ‘Y’ key by default. Later, the plan is to add more strategic options here, including, perhaps, AI scripting or disposition changing and/or strategic ordering of ships. It’s nice to see this filled in – the only tech left (besides any that might be shuffled in later) is the portal pieces from the story mode, which will be important to complete the game. Stay tuned on that front.

The first community submitted ship has been added as a Rare spawn for all enemy corporations – it’s ‘LawnMower’ by ataaron, who gains the honour of the first key awarded.

So, the general list of ‘coming soon’ is, portal pieces, AI improvements, efficiency/bug fixes and perhaps a few more help additions (pipe up in the usual places if you have ideas on how better to help players new to the game).


Added Community submitted ship ‘LawnMower’ by ataaron
Added Early version of Planning Mode (Y key when Research bought from pink research tree). Will be expanded later, currently allows single player purchasing of whole plan designs instead of having to buy individual components.
Fixed Builder death issues
Fixed Crash involving certain planet names
Fixed Research canister save/load issues

Added Rebuy hotkey (‘F’ by default)
Added Reset shipyard button in pause menu
Fixed Options menu items going off screen in some resolutions
Fixed Ram, bombard particle effects
Fixed Star loading causing multiple invisible black holes to be spawned

Changed Allowed blaster bot to target enemies even when undocked (if unselected)
Improved Reduced ‘zone’ frame effects to be less distracting
Balance Later research cost significantly reduced
Balance Frame and bot costs significantly reduced
Balance Bot abilities consume ore more slowly
Balance Powered up Planetary Engine frame’s produced force, reduced ore cost of use
Balance Reduced spawn rate slightly of enemy mobs
Fixed Planetary Engine particle effects

Go plot and plan curious androids – it’ll make your life easier in the end!