Welcome, Player 2… And Others

So, you may have noticed a brief break in patches – that’s for a reason – the game hasn’t been sucked into a black hole or anything. In point of fact, coming soon is the first prototype multiplayer for OreSome. It will be, to begin with, LAN only and only cover Bots and Frames – no enemies or terrain. Up to four players is the current line of thinking. This mode will grow over time to encompass the normal singleplayer game world. There may or may not be other game modes depending on ease of implementation and on demand.

The other thing you might have spotted is the new trailer – the old teasers were looking a touch dated, and this one gives a much better idea of the current state of the game.

After the basic multiplayer component goes in, most likely there will be another short round of bug fixes and efficiency improvements, before finally some new missions and content can be added. Since the last news post, there has been just one patch, detailed below.

Added Cooldown for bonder bot grav missile to prevent accidental discharge
Added Journal text for several undocumented features
Improved OreStruck sprites
Fixed Yellow tech tree journals
Fixed Refinery framerate when many refineries in use
Fixed Crash when physics body is dropped inside another physics body
Fixed Bots in active control channels correctly turn towards mouse
Fixed Rare crashes

Laters, curious androids!


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