To Multiplayer, or not to Multiplayer

Basically, multiplayer is more than a possibility for OreSome, but significantly less than a fact. At this point, some of the basics are in (code libraries and such), and game instances will communicate with one another. Bots are synced up, mostly – though nothing else is.

The reason for mentioning this now is that getting this working properly is now a matter of time – in the sense that getting it to work is entirely possible, but will leach a fairly large amount of time away from other features, like more missions and whatever else you might care to think of. No decisions have been made yet on which direction to pursue yet, so sound off in the forum or comments on which you think might be best.

Added Options menu is accessible in game
Added Controls menu screen entries glow when being editted
Added Load slot shows date for easier identification

Added Superweapon steam, star charge, stasis effectsBalance Research levels for orange, purple, cyan, pink take far fewer kills to achieve – 1 for Level 1, then 3, 9, 27 and 81 for following levels
Changed First main quest has a selection of new frames to be grabbed, making it easier to get an early ship together
Fixed Bonder sinkhole ability bug
Fixed Breaker bots triggering music
Fixed Wall beams moving weirdness

In other news, a new trailer may be forthcoming soon, the current teasers probably are no longer good enough. However, if anyone is willing to help gather good footage for one, that’d be a great time saver on this end. So long curious androids, maybe you can see each other in game soon enough!

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