So, about that stuff.

Community member theguywhogamesalot posted a video – this news post is a bit late so it’s a touch out of date now, with some of the issues fixed, but he’s kindly said he may do a few more videos in future showing off new features as they come. In other news, the wikia continues to grow and progress via patches continues unabated.

With only cosmetic particle effects left, efficiency and stability improvements are in progress. Also, the first tiny hooks to build multiplayer with are going in – depending on how difficult this proves to be, the mode may arrive sooner, or later. In any case, there’s lots more content still to come.

Added Superweapon effects (just a few cosmetic effects left now)
Added bioform beam and attack effects
Fixed Binder bot beams now correctly removed when target bot dies

Added Many new particle effects for bioforms
Added Moving eyes for bioform bosses
Fixed Asyncronous save corruption

Added Lidgren networking library for eventual multiplayer
Added Option to allow drill to fire straight – holding mode modifier key (shift by default) allows the previous turning ability
Added EM convert particle effect
Changed Tutorial text changes to make it clearer how to do certain tasks
Changed Made a command frame available to be found early on to teach players about controlling frames
Changed Planet shadows more pronounced
Changed Ore graphics more subtle, less neon
Balance Probe price reduced to 10 Green 1 Pink ore from 10 Pink
Improved Swarm bot efficiency
Fixed Death screen alerts when a save cannot be loaded instead of displaying default text
Fixed Tentacle physics bodies not being cleared up on death
Fixed Swarm bots don’t overshoot their target

Added New Wormhole flash and first few bioform particle effects
Fixed Weird catapult parts physics jiggle, better hit recognition
Improved Experimental change to region generation method, hopefully should be smoother
Improved Star and planet particle speed improvements

As always, much more to come. Maybe it won’t be long before curious androids can meet one another in multiplayer? I wouldn’t bet too much on it though… We’ll see.

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