Shipyard Mode: Now in v0.8 Flavour!

Available shortly over at IndieDB and right now on Sendspace.

In other news if anyone out there is interested in contributing sprites or sound effects to the game, message me – I’d be interested in working something out. The Game Guide is now up to date with all released Bots and Frames. Various abilities and other game concepts will continue to be added to it over time.

v0.8 Changelog:
Numerous graphical improvements, including new and improved sprites, improved particle effects, visible turning thrusters and more.
Numerous efficiency and bug fix improvements.

Added a number of new Plans for ships
Massively improved AI for frames – they will use weapons and shields properly, turn towards the side they think is most effective to fight with and more.
Added Bridger Bot – allows teleport links between two of them, can randomly teleport anything with their special ability.
Added Carrier Frame
Added DataBrain Frame
Added Buffer Bot special ability – decay shot. Uses pink or cyan ore for a cannon shot that causes enemy frames to take triple damage for a short amount of time.
Changed Blower special ability to scatter burst – homing, low damage projectiles that greatly push whatever they hit.

Also – a bunch of other stuff. Enjoy.

Note: When building something big you want to keep, save often. This is still an early version and there are still going to be crashes, unfortunately – this is fortunately becoming rarer.

Known Issues: Resizing a star or planet into another object can sometimes crash the game.