Shipyard Mode: Upgraded to v0.7!

New version available for download from the usual place. There’s also been some more news, if you’ve not being paying attention – it’s summarised below.

Saving while full screen problems fixed
Efficiency bugs improved
Ore Panel updating improved (again)
Nuke Frame crash refixed, hopefully
Added mouse panning (for shipyard mode only)
Added new Plan – Listening Post Base

Added Swarm Select ability. Left click and hold on the currently selected bot, a select circle will grow out if it. Release when it’s large enough and any bot in range will form a defensive swarm around the selected bot.

Advice: When building something big you want to keep, save often. This is an early version, there are still going to be crashes, unfortunately – fewer with each version though.

Ripten have a new interview up about OreSome. The next part of the Shipyard tutorial is up over on Youtube:

The Game Guide has been updated with more stuff and more soon.

Coming soon: Dungeons, Wormholes, Shop Frames and more!


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