News Roundup

Some of you will know all this, if you’ve been paying attention to Twitter (and similar), but for others:

The Game Guide was begun, found at the top under Guide. I’ve been adding to it daily, and it now describes more than half of the units. I’ll keep expanding this with all of the units, as well as gaming fundamentals when they’re all in.

Added new video, a brief tutorial for Shipyard Mode. It’s very basic, but there will be more soon.

New Q&A up with Thunderbolt Games here

Shipyard v0.6 was released, fixing a number of bugs and adding the AI Zone Frame. Available from the Downloads section as usual.

Found Bugs (in v0.6, list will be updated as more are found):
Saving while full screen causes problems – fixed for next version
Efficiency bugs – improved for next version
Ore Panel updating – improved (again) for next version
Crash when very large number of frames on screen – not locked down yet, hopefully will fix for next version
Nuke Frame crash – refixed for next version
Added mouse panning (for shipyard mode only) for next version

Advice: When building something big you want to keep, save often. This is an early version, there are still going to be crashes, unfortunately – fewer with each version though.

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