Shipyard Mode – Released!

Shipyard Mode is available from the downloads section. It is the sandbox designer for creating enemies and encounters in OreSome. This is an early release, so I’m afraid you’ll have to expect bugs. I hope it gives you a little taster of what’s to come though!

It lets the player drop in pretty much any of the items in the game, from suns to enemies and save the designs. If people make anything interesting, all they have to do is send me the save file, and I can poke it into the game in mere minutes. I’m hoping that’ll give OreSome a community that really feels involved with the game.

This is the first release of any kind for OreSome. Please bear in mind, it’s early days yet – if you come across any bugs, it’d be a great help if you could send me a report. I’ll post them up here for public knowledge.

It’s also kind of learn as you go – there will be a guide posted this week, but until then, I hope you can muddle through.

Found Bugs:
Issues with Integrated Graphics Cards (game won’t start) – possible fix up on downloads page.
Crash on ‘Probe’ ability – fixed for next version
Crash on resize tool with certain objects – fixed for next version
Crash on Nuke Frame explosion – possibly fixed, available next version
Crash on Deleting a sun inside Capture Claw – fixed for next version
Music doubling bug – fixed for next version
Number of horrible Move Tool bugs – fixed for next version (I hope)
Hardpoint disconnection issues – fixed for next version
BaseAsteroid Plan error – fixed for next version
Ore Panel problems – much improved

5 responses to “Shipyard Mode – Released!

    • Sorry to hear about the crashes – I’ll have a new version up this week with a number of fixes. Bug reports are fine here, or sent to the email found on the about page.

  1. I agree with Sitan. It was very fun and I can’t wait to see what you plan to do with it 🙂
    Some settings crashed, and it would occasionally freeze my entire computer after a few minutes. Also, the soundtrack is amazing!!!

    • Glad you got some fun out of it at least. This is a bit of a teething period, the worst of these bugs will disappear fast.

      If you email or message me with a list of what went wrong, I’ll do everything I can to get them all fixed for the next version. Also, were you using v0.5 or v0.6? A number of the worst bugs were dealt with in v0.6.

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