Shipyard Mode – Fabricating Soon!

Shipyard Mode

I can announce, completely non-exclusively, that I’ll finally be getting something into your hands within the month! Give or take 🙂

Seriously though, barring unforeseen complications, I’ll be putting up the OreSome Shipyard Mode for your consideration in the coming weeks. It’s the tool I use to design the game’s enemy ships, bases and other encounters, and I’m hoping you’ll get at least something of a kick out of it. More importantly, I’m hoping you guys will be creative, and send me that creativity – I’ll put any interesting designs into the game, and stick your preferred name in a credits easter egg somewhere. This not only helps me be lazy (though this is a side benefit), but, I hope, will bring together a community for OreSome. Eventually, I intend to allow players to mod their own designs into the single player campaign (and indeed, a small amount of that is already possible). As a taster, users of Shipyard Mode can import their own .png, .gif and .jpg images to use as custom ‘space debris’.

The Shipyard and perhaps other tools will be updated from the current rough state as development continues – with any luck, budding designers will be clamouring for new additions, which I can then ignore. Or not, as the mood takes me 🙂

Watch this space!

11 responses to “Shipyard Mode – Fabricating Soon!

    • No worries – the window’s narrowed to between the 24th to the 30th – likely towards the end of that. When precisely depends on how long various bits and pieces take.

    • I’m looking at £8 gbp currently, plus or minus 5ish. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it worth it! Shipyard mode will always be free though, as a kind of demo.

      • Similar,yes. But it also lets you spawn most things in the game, from planets to enemies – it’s basically intended as a taster, since the games not ready for a full beta yet.

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