Building a better Death Star

I’ve been working on OreSome’s biggest weapon this week (among other things), the Gravity Cannon. It’s an insanely big and unwieldy frame that requires two black holes and a power supply along with vast quantities of high level ore to fire. It wipes out anything in front of it up to multiple screens away. It is awesome.

I’m of the opinion that superweapons should be above all else, ridiculously over the top. Why else must villains in films always build giant lasers on the moon? I also like the difficulty involved in setting it up. Not only is building it costly, but positioning it to fire should be hard too – after all, if you’re going to allow something game breakingly powerful into a game, it has to take effort to use, else it just feels like cheating. This way, you get to laugh every moment of the fairly long charge time as the cannon prepares to annihilate your foe.

Of course, Dantooine is far too remote to make an effective demonstration…. so look out far a new trailer soonish.

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