What do you know?

From the start I wanted OreSome to have progression for the player, for them to constantly be evolving their abilities. I also desperately wanted to avoid the usual game upgrades – percentage damage increase, decimal health increase and so on. So there’s none of that in OreSome.

Every upgrade adds real capabilities, either a new building or spacecraft to construct, a special ability for one of these (and no percentage improvements, actual new capabilities) or command tools that help the player manage their gear better.

The research system is also designed to allow the player great choice in which paths to focus their attention on – there are a number of trees, each which two options at each level. Yet since upgrades get much more expensive with every one purchased, you need to make choices with some care. Do you want that bot type you’ve be craving, or the frame that will complete your space station design?

More weaponry, or utility? Up to you.

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