What’s the Big Idea?

I guess some people will be wondering why this particular game should be worth their time – I would be.

The idea for OreSome came to me soon after playing Minecraft – I loved the building up of a base and the exploration of a massive world, but I always felt direction-less. I wanted more of a push to explore over the horizon.

In OreSome, I’m hoping to create a rich tech tree that keeps you striving to get new toys and find the resources to build them – that sense of newness and discovery is what hooks me to a good game. That, and a story that will (if I can write it well enough) compel you to keep looking for answers is how I hope to engage your eyeballs for the duration.

Of course, once you have your toys, there’s no reason you can’t just play in the sandbox for a while. I won’t force players to do anything but build if they prefer, and the world is entirely open – no where is locked off to you and the universe is large enough to make a decent playground.

‘Emergant gameplay’ is an overused phrase in gaming, but for good reason, I think. I want people to be able to create the experience they want, whether that’s flying around in a small ship exploring, building bases in peace, investigating the story or just generally messing about.

I guess we’ll have to see if the game succeeds. I have no doubt it’s going to be difficult.

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