Telling Tales

I haven’t entirely decided how the story will be conveyed to the player – much depends on what resources I have available. For example, I have no voice actors to do radio messages or audio logs, which currently limits me to text. That might change in the future, but it does force me to think more stragegically.

I’ve gone for a show, not tell approach, setting a scene with unique objects and a few message ‘canisters’ to give an idea of what has happened there. The idea is to let the player’s mind fill in the gaps. The developers at Bethesda said similar things when constructing Skyrim’s locations, so I’m hoping being in good company will rub off. Populating the world with quests, puzzles, easter eggs and points of interest is a mammoth task, but I believe the simple approach will let me add lots of content quite quickly. The main thing that slows me down is creating art assets, but depending on what happens, others might be able to help at a later date.

Speaking of which, the art in the game (and everything else) is subject to improvement. It’s not quite ‘placeholder’, but  anything I can replace with something better will be ripped out without mercy. For now though, gameplay takes precedence over prettiness. I’ll talk about story specifics soon, but I want to get more of it into the game, ready to show it off before I do.

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