Non-Violent Violence

The OreSome Corporation in the game is not a military one, it’s a mining corp. On a huge scale, certainly, but they are civilian. I wanted to keep the player’s destructive abilities in line with that, to have few genuine weapons and more tools that have been re-purposed for war. 

To that effect, each of your bots can cause damage, but most are indirect and many require research upgrades to be used. Early on, even the most pathetic single enemy can be dangerous, but later on, your defenses will take care of hordes without a thought.

The simplest example of a non-weapon weapon is the Builder and Breaker Bot’s drills – they’re for mining, but can be directed into enemies for light damage. Another is the Booster’s Afterburn ability – swing the bot around and you have a makeshift flame-thrower. Every bot has an active ability in addition to its main function and I’ll be showing off some of these in a future video relatively soon.

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