Help? Help!

I’m doing this on my own. “AHHHH!” is often the following thought whenever this occurs to me.

For now, it’s fine – but that may not be true for the whole project. I’ve lucked into working out how to do everything I want to do so far, from graphics to music, but that may not hold. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve anything or add quality easily, I really want to hear about it. It’s part of the reason I’m beginning this blog at a relatively early stage, to get feedback and fix things that seem to work to me, but not to the public. So, if any time you think I need to clarify, or if you think something just sucks, please let me know rather than just assuming I already do – often I will, but you’d be surprised what slips through the cracks. Constructive criticism will always be helpful.

On a similar note, soonish I’m hoping to get either a wide pre-alpha release or a limited release to trusted testers. It may end up being one then the other. If anyone has advice on this, or even wants to express interest in becoming a tester assuming I go down that route, do let me know here, or email me.

Any useful question, suggestion or similar will be replied to – but thanks in advance.

One response to “Help? Help!

  1. I followed the link here from your post on the Gamespot forums. I’m interested in testing this out whenever you’re ready. I’d only be able to give you impressions from a gamer perspective, as I don’t know anything about making a game, but I’m also associated with a small gaming news site, so we might be able to spread your name a little further. Let me know what you think.

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