A Sense of Scale

At the start of OreSome, you will feel very small. I wanted the Builder Bot, when on its own, to feel weedy, near defenceless against what’s out there. With a few more items, frames and bots to shield it, that feeling will likely dip. Until you look at the map screen, that is. In these developer diaries so far, I only show the central sector. It is one of perhaps 500 semi-randomly generated areas, progressively getting more difficult to survive in the further from the centre the player gets.

My expectation is that players will build multiple bases and fleets of capital ships made from frames, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some choose to make titanic beweaponed roving space stations instead. I like the idea that the scale of the constructs becomes so immense. You might only start with a single small ship, but you progress to dragging around planets, stars and black holes as power supplies for your equipment.

You’ll have to get bigger if you want to explore, since your enemies most definitely will do the same – and multiply.

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